Family Archive Services

Quality - Converting photographs, slides and other film based images into digital media files is the first part of the process and there are two important considerations that affect the final results. These are the resolution and the optical density of the scan. Resolution determines the size at which the image can be printed in the future and the volume of data available for restoration work. Optical density affects the quality of the image in terms of color reproduction, tonality and gradation.

At Philip Warner, scans are conducted using high quality, professional grade scanners which provide superior optical density and therefore better detail in the highlights and shadows. Scanning is done by hand: each image is carefully assessed by our experts to determine the necessary resolution to produce the finest possible reproduction. If digital conversion is made below optimum conditions, then future use of the image maybe compromised and this can only be fixed by rescanning. Despite the advances in home scanners, they cannot match the quality of reproduction provided by professional grade scanners.

Care - We are acutely aware of the significant emotional value of your collection and therefore the care and security of your images is our primary concern. More often than not, film based images have deteriorated over time due to the variety of chemicals used in their production and how they have been stored. At Philip Warner, all items are handled with cotton gloves and extreme care is taken with older, fragile items to avoid further damage.

Security - Upon receipt, we make a detailed inventory of your collection. While in our possession and when not being worked on, your collection is stored in our secure vault and is returned to you when the process is complete.