Family Archive Services

Perhaps the most daunting task when considering addressing a collection of family images is the variety of media, the number of items and their scattered locations. This is the prime reason that they languish in boxes stored in the recesses of the home - neither cataloged or described. Yet as time passes, the knowledge held by prior generations required to describe the people, events and places that make up a family's history diminishes until the information is lost forever. When this happens, an image loses its meaning and becomes just another photograph rather than an emotional connection to the past. Consequently, the time to act is now.

Collaboration - Our service uses several methods to help the organization process but starts with sorting images into an initial chronological order. Once digitized, our interactive solution enables a collaborative effort where images are placed on a private, online gallery. Clients can invite family members and other guests to assist in the cataloging, identification and description process. These guests can be invited to view all or part of the gallery and may comment on the contents, thereby increasing the volume and accuracy of information. In a matter of time, with the multiple contributions, the collection becomes better organized and accurately described. This collaboration process has proven a pleasurable and interesting experience of discovery for clients as they connect, inform, share, discuss and learn with others.