Family Archive Services

The final presentation of your family's treasured collection can be in print or digital formats and produced to best suit your needs. Philip Warner's finest and most sought after presentation is the handbound family album. All presentations make exceptional and highly personal gifts for other family members. Once the layout and style of a presentation has been completed, producing copies as additional gifts is quick and efficient. Later, albums can be re-printed with new images to create an ever-evolving, visual family narrative.

Style - The design of each Philip Warner book or digital presentation commences with a discussion involving the client to determine what kind of end result is desired. There are three basic styles with which we begin the discussion: Classic Album, Scrapbook, Biographical. Once the overall fell of the book has been decided, Philip Warner's graphic artists review the available content and lay out the images paying attention to the size, shape, color and importance of images to create the maximum visual impact. The sequence of images is carefully considered in order to tell a story.

Subject - Our beautiful, hand-bound books or digital formats can be created to display a wide variety of topics: a family history containing multiple generations; a tribute book covering the life of an individual; a significant event such as a wedding, birthday, graduation or retirement; a business history; a child's early years. They can be produced to record the accomplishments of a team or organization. A prized collection which may be stored in a vault or dispersed at various locations, can now be documented and enjoyed at any time. While photographs generally account for the majority of content, many other items can be included within a book such as artwork, letters, documents, invitiations, brochures, notes and text. Anything that contributes to telling a story.