Family Archive Services

Our concern is that your precious collection remains safe and is preserved in a convenient and cost effective manner. The preservation of a client's images and collection has two separate goals: the care of original film based images and the future care of digital files.

After the digitization process, we provide advice on how to store, handle and display your original images. If requested, we can organize a collection of photographs, slides and memorabilia and place each item into archival storage holders before they are returned.

Hosting - Philip Warner also offers an Image Hosting Service that allows for complete peace of mind. Images are stored at our custom-designed data center and backed up in another location using a sophisticated data protection system. In addition, images can be migrated and updated as new technologies emerge so that they may be viewed using new software, applications or devices. The aim of digital preservation is to ensure that files can be retrieved, used and viewed under rapidly evolving technologies. As with all stages of our archive process, we constantly address and maintain security and integrity.