View a restoration in progress.

Bringing the Past to life - Advances in digital photographic software have made it possible to reverse the deterioration common to film based images. What can now be acheived is quite remarkable. Tone and color can be restored, dust and scratches eliminated, creases and tears repaired and stains removed. Through digital restoration, images can be returned close to original condition and be viewed as they were once intended.

Despite this digital software, a good restoration is dependant on the skills of the user. Good restorers are not only experts with digital software but they are artists with a comprehensive understanding of light, shadow, tone and color who are capable of using the correct tools to make the subtle changes needed for a beautiful, final presentation.

At Philip Warner, we start by assessing each image to determine what restoration is needed. More often than not the older the item, the greater the restoration work required but images that are only a few years old can benefit from adjustments. We then allocate specific images to our different restorers to best utilize their particular expertise. With care, time and attention to detail, extraordinary results can be achieved so that a collection of faded, discolored and damaged photographs can be brought to life and enjoyed by current and future generations.